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Kaspersky 2016 all Producs activation for 91 days

Activate all Kaspersky 2016 Producs for 91 days using the last version of Trial Reset - Only here

Protect your life on the Internet
Kaspersky Security 2016 delivers premium protection for your computer. Apart from protecting your PC against viruses, the application provides safe use of your webcam, credit card and saves your children from unwanted content. Advanced security technologies also allow you to block online tracking and data collection, prevent OS and browser settings changes, as well as to exclude all the unreliable sources.

Notice 1:
this activation is trial, enable to renew every 91 days using only the version of KTR given bellow, if you use another version, you will get only 30 days as trial.

Notice 2: 
this activation is only for the version of Kaspersky (the last version) and it's not for the version

How to activate?

Watch the Video:

Download links:

  Download Kaspersky Internet Security English version: here

Download Kaspersky Internet Security French version: here


Download the Special Trial Reset here


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